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Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can use the service?

Our doctors see all ages, but the primary subscriber must be at least 18 years old.

What health conditions are covered?

Just about any condition that is not an emergency and does not need a physical exam, lab work or imaging. We partner with MDLive. Take a look at their site for a complete list of conditions: https://www.mdlive.com/what-we-treat

Where can I get my prescription filled?

Prescriptions can be sent to the pharmacy of your choice. We even have a mail order option. Just let the doctor know which pharmacy you prefer. 

What prescriptions are available?

Click this link and scroll down: https://www.basicareplus.com/teleMDcare to see the list.

How much will the prescriptions not on the list cost?

See if your prescription is covered. If not, then use our price finder: https://www.basicareplus.com/rx-info

In what states can I use this?

Our service is available in all 50 states 

Can I get refills on my medication?

Ask your doctor for refills. The answer is up to your doctor and state laws.

Can I get a prescription for a controlled medication?

Federal law currently prohibits telemedicine doctors from prescribing controlled medications.